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Kay is a 20 year-old who became homeless at 19. She is a graduate of the Massachusetts Housing and Shelter Alliance (MHSA) Leadership Development Program and a member of the Youth Advisory Council at Y2Y Harvard Square, a shelter for young adults.

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Stories of Youth Homelessness & Resiliency: Kay

In January 2014, I was 19 and in a hospital. When the staff decided I was ready to leave, I met with a social worker who gave me the phone numbers of shelters. She did her best.

I walked out of the hospital and onto the street. Soon after I left, I went to a pay phone and called some of the numbers. I was hoping someone would help me figure out where I could sleep that night. But, no one answered the phone. I stood at the pay phone feeling embarrassed and hopeless. I’m not the type to ask for money or other necessities. I wandered around Cambridge, hoping that something would happen.