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Wayne Centrone

Wayne Centrone
Wayne A. Centrone is Senior Health Advisor at C4. Wayne is a physician and public health professional who specializes in homeless, marginalized, and underserved populations, with extensive experience with homeless adolescents and young adults. Wayne also serves as the Executive Director of Health Bridges International, a U.S. based organization working in international outreach and development with marginalized and underserved youth and young adults.

Recent Posts

Building Hope through Communication

I ran across an article the other day. An opinion piece posted in a noted medical journal, the article discussed the difference between patient-centered care and person-focused care. The final page of the article featured the following quote:

Is Housing Healthcare?

Do doctors and other medical professionals have an ethical obligation to treat homelessness as a unique condition? One of the most prestigious medical journals in the world says yes. In a two paper series published in the British medical journal The Lancet, the authors advocate for an expanded understanding of the healthcare needs of โ€œthe homeless.โ€ They point to the morbidity that exists within populations experiencing homelessness and describe interventions. Most of all, they sound a clarion for medical professionals around the world to reconsider homelessness in the context of health.