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Racism, Homelessness, and Social Justice

08/27/15 04:07 PM | Molly Richard |

On August 26th, t3 hosted a webcast titled “Racism, Homelessness, and Social Justice” with Center for Social Innovation (C4) CEO Jeff Olivet.

 “It has struck me over the years that a lot of people talk about health disparities, they talk about cultural competence, they talk about a lot of things in a lot of euphemisms and sugar-coated language, and rarely do we name what we’re seeing: Racism.”

Molly Richard

Written by Molly Richard

Molly is an Analyst for C4's Research Team. Before joining C4, she was a residential counselor at a program for youth who had experienced complex trauma. She is driven by a passion for equity and an interest in the role of innovative and participatory research in supporting social change.