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Kristen Paquette

Kristen Paquette
Kristen oversees the Center for Social Innovation's innovative programs in homelessness, trauma, recovery, and dissemination. She directs a project developing peer interventions to reduce youth substance use and leads activities to advance the availability of affordable, recovery-oriented housing.
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Ending Houselessness is not Ending Homelessness

End Homelessness

I recently came across a well-researched online article on homelessness in the United States, and the potential for us to end this problem – if we just had a little more political will to fully fund the housing subsidies needed to sweep the streets clean of the chronically homeless population.

While I am generally pleased to see any journalistic attention paid to this daunting and commonly ignored social blight, I worry about the incompleteness of the conversation.

First, who are we talking about?

The Number One Public Health Problem in the U.S.

Just this past month, a landmark class action lawsuit was filed to address the pervasive public health problem of childhood trauma. Filed by Public Counsel, the lawsuit seeks to mandate the integration of trauma-informed practices in schools in Compton, CA.

Some People Don't Matter

I am reeling from the decision that a New York police officer will not be indicted for killing Eric Garner.