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Matt Clune

Matt Clune
Matt is a Senior Associate at the Center for Social Innovation working on SAMHSA's Bringing Recovery Supports to Scale Technical Assistance Center Strategy (BRSS TACS). He has nearly thirty years of experience in behavioral health care and recovery, adolescent and youth treatment, supportive housing, drug courts and community corrections. Prior to joining C4, he was instrumental in developing Maryland’s peer certification program and worked with colleagues to develop 18 recovery and wellness centers and 8 Adolescent Club Houses. Matt is an individual in long-term recovery.

Recent Posts

Reflections from the UNITE to Face Addiction Rally: The Day the Silence Ended

When one person in recovery meets another an ineffable thing happens that is often difficult to put into words. At a gut level, a frequently unspoken yet palpable recognition occurs as they greet one another. Without words being spoken, they acknowledge that both have experienced unspeakable and often horrific events in their lives—perhaps in their formative years and most certainly in the depths of their addiction. Somehow they have managed, often with the help of others, to narrowly escape a most certain and untimely demise.